Fome-Cor Product Line


A Fome-Cor® board for every type of application

Fome-Cor’s polystyrene core is bonded between high-quality papers to create a lightweight, reliably rigid, ultrasmooth board. FomeCor simplifies production, resists warping, and cuts cleanly while providing the quality and consistency you expect from Crescent products. The FomeCor line features a wide variety of types, sizes and thicknesses and can be used for exhibits, POP displays, signage, photo mounting, screen printing and framing.

Warp resistant

Mounting Board | Fome-cor


Fome-Cor 1/8″ Thick Acid-Free

Fome-Cor 3/16″ Thick Acid-Free

Fome-Cor 1/8″ Thick White

Fome-Cor 3/16″ Thick White

Fome-Cor 3/8″ White

White Fome-Cor 3/16″ Thick Heat Activated

Fome-Cor 3/16″ Thick Solid Black Throughout

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