Full Listing of 2021 Discontinued Items

Dear Professional Picture Framer:

We are continuing our commitment to you to manage the number of SKUs in our product offerings through an ongoing review of all Crescent matboard lines. As colors and styles in artwork and home-furnishings evolve, it sometimes becomes necessary to remove items that no longer meet the needs of the marketplace. Crescent has reviewed each of its matboard product lines and has published a discontinued listing for 2021.  Your POS software company is currently being notified of these discontinued items.

We understand that discontinuing items can cause disruption and, at times, difficulty as you design with matboards that may no longer be available. Please be aware that our distributor partners may have remaining stock on some of these items and it may be helpful to contact them before removing these discontinued items from your racks. In addition, we have provided tools to make the discontinued process as easy as possible for you.  You will find a link below for each of the following tools:2021 Discontinued List


As always, our Customer Support Team is here to answer any questions about Crescent and our fine line of products. You can reach them by phone at (847) 537-3400 or by email customersupport@crescentcardboard.com. Please also visit us at this website, or our Facebook page to find the latest news and information from Crescent.

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