Framing Your Special Toys

Toys can help remind you of your childhood and that feeling of innocent joy when summers  were long and days were filled with play and priceless moments of endless possibilities.  Nostalgia is running high. With the popularity of shows like Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us and Toy Hunter on the Discovery Channel, people are looking to reconnect with the toys that defined their childhood playtime.

While the thrill of the hunt is easily the most exciting aspect of collecting, showing off the spoils comes in a close second. Even better if the toy was never “lost” through the years and you found it digging it out from a box in the attic. Either way, now that you are an adult you can frame that special toy and remember your childhood every time you look at it.

Pictured here, the legendary Barbie® logo was cut on a Valiani Nexus CMC and is matted with select 5648 Peony, 9500 White Glove and then 5648 again.

Barbie Logo, cut on a Valiani

Three Nurre Caxton frames #18502 are stacked to create the height needed to accommodate the  depth of this classic doll. Half inch strips of Crescent Select suede, Purple Torch 5636 are cut to put between the stacked frames to give the inside edges a designer look.  The top two frames are cut the identical size and the lower frame is cut 1/2” larger to create a slight “step out” to add another design element

Hot Wheels® toy cars started hitting shelves in 1968 and mushroomed into a booming franchise. What boy didn’t have, or want, one of these adrenaline-fueled vehicles growing up? This collection is matted with Crescent Select sueded Sunrise 5509, Red Sky 5510, and Tile Blue 5638.

Just like the Barbie doll logo, this Hot Wheel logo and the matting was cut using a Valiani Nexus CMC.

A new twist on an old-school favorite is LEGO® brick art.  If you’re an Andy Warhol or Marilyn Monroe fan, this is the set for you. Recreate iconic art with this cool sets and frame them in your home or office. Display your creation with Nielsen moulding 35120 Anodic Black . This sleek aluminum frame is a great compliment to the gloss of the bricks and fits perfect with the Lego art puzzles.

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