How Custom Cut Matboard and Framing Can Help Your Home Fashion

Custom frame shops offer so much more than matting and framing services. As your trusted design partner in quality picture framing, they’re instrumental in helping you create timeless, stylish designs that beautifully reflect your home fashion, personal taste and lifestyle. If you’re searching for new and inspiring home fashion ideas, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips on how to incorporate art into your home’s decor through the creative use of custom cut matboards and custom frames.

Create A Focal Point

A focal point is one of the most fundamental interior design elements. Artwork is the perfect way to introduce color and personality into spaces like the living, dining and bedroom. While there are no fixed rules, this approach works best when a piece stands out from its surroundings while still tying into the room’s decor.

Creating a striking piece of art that becomes a room’s focal point starts with considering the space it will occupy. For instance, accent walls have always been popular focal points in and of themselves. But adding a stunning piece of art can elevate the room to another dimension.

Matboard for framing

Draw on the wall’s color, finish and texture when choosing matboards and a frame. Keep in mind that matboard for framing doesn’t necessarily have to draw from the artwork’s color scheme. Instead, try choosing another complementary color from the room’s decor. This works to anchor the artwork in the space. When using this design technique, keep in mind that choosing a more neutral color allows the piece to be moved to another area or still work if the room is redecorated.

Pull It Together

Want to try something different? Why not consider other creative options such as using multiple, layered matboards to tie different colors in a room together? Two or more custom cut matboards can make artwork look stunning and professional, but can also detract from the desired effect if the matboard colors are not appropriate to the artwork itself. To make a piece cohesive, each color used in a multi-mat framing should complement the other colors. Plus, when you are creating a custom cut matboard for framing, you keep the focus where it belongs—on the piece of art.

Make A Bold Statement

Impact artwork can be defined in a number of ways. Oversize artwork; a wall of small diverse pieces hung gallery style; interesting textures; and bold colors in the art, framing or matting bring a dramatic look to whatever room or space they’re used in. For example, abstract art pieces or black-and-white photos with single, thin matboards mounted in a contrasting metallic frame create a dramatic effect and add personal character to the space they’re in.

Try one or more of these options to break out of the go-to white, black or cream matting choices.

  • Crescent’s new BriteCore™ 8-ply matboards are a perfect way to create a bold statement and make artwork really pop. Because these mats feature cores with bright, primary or secondary colors, they’re especially effective when paired with animation cells or children’s drawings.
  • Crescent Select Accents have the look of burnished metals, aged leather, and deep earthen tones that give a sharp, vibrant and exceptionally rich looking appearance to works of art and photographs.
  • Select Suede matting comes in rich, saturated shades of blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and more. These quality matboards work equally well as backing boards, adding warmth and visual interest to whatever piece they’re paired with, including sports memorabilia.

Many of Crescent’s matboards come in oversize sheet sizes. We also offer the largest selection of colors and textures in the industry, including linens, metallics, leather and more.

Keep It Personal

Art is one of the most basic ways in which we express who we are and what we find meaningful. When we surround ourselves with personal items that bring us joy, it ignites the same parts of the brain that light up when we look at someone we love. When striving to bring a customized look into your home, nothing sets a room apart like personal mementos.

You probably already have a treasure trove of begging-to-be framed items. Are you a traveler who collects old maps? Or maybe you’re a sports fan who hoards tickets and collects memorabilia like pennants and signed jerseys. The Crescent Select sports team line comes in colors that match major sports and college teams colors.

custom cut matboard

Still have the first dollar bill you ever earned? What about military medals, press clippings, dried flowers from bouquets, and other tangible embodiments of personal passions, memories and life experiences? Our Conservation Matboard comes in a range of textures that help set the perfect tone and mood.

Matting personal memorabilia in a custom frame serves more than just as a beautiful border. Along with its visual purpose, it also provides a valuable practical function by protecting the framed contents from air and moisture that can cause damage and deterioration over time. It also gives the item more support within the frame and can be used to great effect in enhancing the object’s presentation by adding depth to the piece.

No matter which custom cut matboard you choose for your treasured memories, it’s sure to be a fabulous piece of personal art that beautifully reflects who you are.

Find Expert Help When Creating Fashion In Your Home

Unique matting can completely transform a piece of art and set the tone for the space where it’s displayed. Whether you’re looking to Make it BOLD, Make it CHIC, Make it POP, or Make it LAST, Crescent’s latest framing concepts are designed to help you make the right custom matting and framing choices that work with your personal style and decor.

Your local framer can be a fantastic source of innovative and interesting custom matting and framing solutions that help you create a space you love coming home to. For more than a century, Crescent has been committed to the success of custom frame shops across the country. We offer a wide variety of museum quality, conservation and decorative matboards that will preserve and perfectly show off your fine art, personal memories and treasured art pieces.

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