2022 Color of the Year

Color of the Year - Purple Iris

The color of the year for 2022 was announced by Pantone® as a mix of purple and blue in what they call Very Peri or Pantone 17-3938.

It is a color that has a “joyous attitude and dynamic presence” that provokes “courageous creativity and imaginative expression” for the year ahead explains Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Crescent and Bainbridge have great representations of this Color of the Year with  Crescent Select, Purple Iris – 9879 (more on the purple shade) , and Bainbridge Alphamat, Blue Iris – 8105 (more on the blue tone).

Purple Iris 9879
Purple Iris 9879
Blue Iris 8105
Blue Iris 8105

Do you love the carefree confidence of this lavender tone color but don’t feel like it’s the perfect mat color to use for your clients’ walls? Below are matches for the Color of the Year in themed palettes of Crescent Brands coordinating color harmonies. When you look at the pallets separately, what we love is that it’s not just the colors, it conveys the mood. This also illustrates the versatility of this particular color for 2022. We hope these help you get color inspiration for your future design and custom framing projects.

Delight Palette


The Delight palette is a joyous color story or irrepressible fun and spontaneity. Design experts state we are about to see a refreshing sense of playfulness in our homes. This can mean anything – from the experimentation of unusual color combinations to the introduction of a boldly-hued statement color in your matboard design scheme.

Delight: Crescent Select – Sushi 9570, Alphamat – Blue Iris 8105, Crescent Select – York 9861, Crescent Select – Peony 5648, Crescent Select – Carnation 5647, Crescent Select – Inlet 9549, and Crescent Select – Autumn Gold 9614.

The Nature’s Scenery palette is a holistic and harmonious blend of nature inspired shades. Using matboards with these colors would inject a sense of playful freshness into home interiors.

Nature’s Scenery: Crescent Select – Cornflower 9882, Alphamat – Blue Iris 8105, Crescent Select – Purple Iris 9879, Crescent Select – Catcher’s Mitt 9584, Alphamat – Wild Olive 8264, Alphamat – Forest Green 9820, and Alphamat – Hunter Green 8571.

Nature's Scenery Palette
Classics and Neutrals Palette


The Classics and Neutrals is a palette of elegance and understated stylishness which conveys a message of timeless sophistication.

Classics and Neutrals: Alphamat – Blue Iris 8105, Crescent Select – White Glove 9500, Crescent Select – Bambi 9589, Crescent Select – Glacier 9545, Crescent Select – Rhino 9629, Crescent Select – Nightfall 9635, and Crescent Select – Black Belt 9632.


Reconciliation is a complementary palette of color whose natural balance of warm and cool tones support and enhance each other.

Reconciliation:Crescent Select – Easter Egg 9560, Alphamat – Baltic Green 8551, Alphamat – Mulberry 8451, Alphamat – Blue Iris 8105, Crescent Select – Wet Sand 9515, Crescent Select – Sushi 9570, Crescent Select – Cotton Candy 9567, and Alphamat – Olde Rose 8565.

Reconciliation Palette

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