Two New Colors — Winter White and Sanguine — Add Depth To Crescent’s RagMat® Museum Matboard Collection

Time tested. Pure. Strong. And Archival. Crescent’s RagMat Museum matboards are inherently acid-free, lignin-free and free of other contaminants found in wood pulp. They are made of 100 percent cotton to offer a natural, lasting brightness as seen in the new Winter White and Sanguine options.

RagMat® Winter White

Winter White

When it comes to matboards, all whites are not the same. They come in shades from warm, off-white to neutral to cool, bright white — like Crescent’s brand-new Winter White, the whitest white in the company’s RagMat® Museum Solids collection. Made of 100 percent cotton with solid color throughout, Winter White is available in both 4-ply and dramatic 8-ply in 32” x 40” and 40” x 60” sizes.

White is one of the most popular—if not the most popular—color choice for matboards. Why? Because of its versatility. White goes with everything. White matboards match any décor and are a tried and true choice for a classic look. They accent artwork by letting the art itself shine through without detracting from or competing with the colors in the piece. And a brilliant white matboard such as Crescent’s Winter White intensifies the lighter tones in a black-and-white photograph where black dominates.

Winter White SKUs


Sanguine is one of the most historic colors in art, and now it is Crescent’s newest RagMat Museum matboard. The color comes from the reddish brown chalk used by the masters in the 15th and 16th centuries… artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Lending itself naturally to sketches, life drawings and rustic scenes, Sanguine was favored by Venetian painters and those influenced by them, including today’s art students. Crescent’s Sanguine matboard perfectly complements art created with this special media and color. It is available in 4-ply 32” x 40” sheets.

Sanguine Closeup

Why RagMat Museum Matboards?

Each Crescent RagMat Museum matboard… including the new Winter White and Sanguine… is specifically designed for the display and protection of artwork. Cotton rag paper has been the preferred choice of artists, composers, historians, writers, and book printers for centuries because of its preeminent strength and remarkable permanence. To this day, Crescent employs the time-honored practice of making paper from cotton fiber to produce its 100 percent cotton RagMat Museum boards.

Museum logoNaturally acid-free and lignin-free, all RagMat Museum matboards comply with the most stringent standards of the Library of Congress, Fine Art Trade Guild, PPFA and other governing authorities.

Today, virtually all museums, libraries and professional framers rely on cotton rag matboard to exhibit and preserve treasured manuscripts, documents and fine works of art.

3 Replies to “Two New Colors — Winter White and Sanguine — Add Depth To Crescent’s RagMat® Museum Matboard Collection”

  1. I would love the specifiers for these two new colors in 4 and 8 ply. Please let me know when they are available.

  2. I’m glad to see a winter white in oversize.
    White is our # 1 seller. I need more taupes and grays.
    97% of all of the mats we sell are either white, various grays & taupes or shades of black.
    70% are oversize due to art prints being square.
    36 x 48, 40 x 40, 40 x 60 are my top selling sizes.

    Brenda Boone, Owner
    Artistic Galleries, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

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