Valiani – The Gold Standard of Computerized Mat Cutters

Valiani has been the technology leader in manufacturing computerized mat cutters since 1974. Valiani is recognized in the United States and around the world for their expertise in matboard cutting, packaging and framing machines. Many key features set Valiani apart from their mat cutting competitors.

Precision and Innovation 

Valiani machines feature US patented, magnetic, interchangeable heads. These interchangeable heavy-duty heads allow framers to cut at different angles. There are also specific heads for embossing and writing pens. Valiani was the first to release a Pen Tool and now offers 3 pen cartridges. Valiani’s Pen Tool features several innovations that make it superior to other products. The Valiani Pen Tool holds the body and tip of the pen providing superior alignment and accuracy. Also, the Valiani pen tool doesn’t have to drop on an angle like the competitor’s machines, so setup is quick and easy. These innovations not only give framers more creative options and cutting capabilities, the Valiani also cuts edge to edge for 100% yield. This allows framers to use the whole board and improve profitability.

Valiani - 45 Years of Innovation
Valiani Cutting Heads

Flexibility, Efficiency and Convenience

Valiani offers the widest range of machine options and machine sizes from a cutting size of 48 x 32 all the way up to 104 x 60, including the 60 x 40 standard size. Valiani also has a 48 x 96 bed size with or without vacuum tables. The popular Ultra models feature an adjustable stand perfect for saving space in the back room of frame shops.

Jeremy Dunaway of ArtWare in San Diego, California describes how his Valiani Gladius has improved his business.

“We have Valiani’s Gladius 104 x 60 in our shop, and we are the only shop in CA that can cut oversized mats for our customers. The Gladius has made a huge improvement in the efficiency of our large-scale work. We no longer need to cut 48 x 96 foam board on the wall cutter, and being able to put in a 96 x 48 sheet of foam core and cut multiple pieces at a time is invaluable to our business. All of that combined with the Pen Tool and the Box program makes having the Gladius essential to my business. I have been a Valiani customer for almost 14 years and have been extremely satisfied with the products and customer service.”

Ken Tuvman of Best Picture Framing in Excelsior, Minnesota did his homework before choosing the Valiani. 

“I did my homework when I was shopping for a computerized mat cutter. I looked at several of the leading brands available to picture framers, and I spoke with other framers who’d owned both major brands of CMC mat cutters in the US. I purchased a Valiani based on my research, the quality build of the machine, and the expandability of heads. The Crescent Valiani support team is tremendous and was available whenever I had a question. I’m continually ‘blown away’ by the endless opportunities to exercise creativity with my Valiani. Most recently, I was awarded a job by a major corporation to cut thirty five 8 x 10 mats to be inserted into ready-made frames. I cut 40 mats using (2) 40 x 60 Crescent mats in less than six minutes! The entire project from start to finish took less than 2 hours, which reduced my costs and added profits to our business! You see Crescent and Valiani at all the major shows, and they’re committed to participating and supporting the picture framing industry. The fact that the Louvre in Paris and the National Gallery of Arts in Washington DC are using Valiani speaks volumes about the quality and service Valiani brings to its customers.”

Design Capability

Valiani CMC’s V-Studio operating software is very easy to use and works with Windows 10 platform and integrates with Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, .plt HPGL Plotter files and .svg Scalable Vector Graphic files. It will allow the framer to shape and contour, have superior layering control, import custom designs a lot easier than other CMCs, and it has true font capabilities. With the combination of the interchangeable cutting heads, quality precision components, Italian engineering, and V-Studio software, framers can cut tighter details better than any other CMC on the market. This allows them to design things that could never be done if not for the Valiani.

Customer Service and Support

The Crescent Valiani has friendly customer support ready to answer any questions you may have. The Support staff has in-depth knowledge about the Valiani and the technical support staff has been factory-trained in all aspects of the Valiani line of CMC’s. They use online remote services when customers need help in design and or to trouble-shoot a technical matter. Most issues are resolved with one phone call.

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