Color Note Product Line

Color Note

A fun, functional, customizable solution for dry erase lovers

Crescent’s Color notes are a full line of customizable dry erase sheets and boards that are perfect for any room. With over 40 colors and patterns and different sizes to choose from, this family of products gives you an array of options to find the perfect solution specifically for your space. They’re perfect for homes, offices, college dorms, and work spaces; basically, anywhere creativity might strike!

Available in 40 colors + patterns

Cuttable Sheets

Pick your color or pattern and cut the full sheet down to your exact size specifications with ease

Multiple Size Choices

The full line of colors and patterns comes in 32”x40”, with an additional dozen options available in 8”x10” and 11”17”

Pre-Framed Options

Choose from seven expressive and stylish Color Notes colors and patterns that come in a classic frame to complement any decor.

See it in action

A Colorful Reminder

We could all use a friendly reminder once and a while, make sure to do it with a burst of color! Crescent’s Color Note line is the perfect addition for busy folks so nothing can ever get lost in the shuffle.

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Color Notes