Couture Conservation Product Line

Couture Conservation

Richly textured surfaces, shimmering metals, and organic textures take custom framing to the next level.

These artisan-created matboards transform artwork to extraordinary. The Couture Matboard collection features 100% cotton core and backing, so rest assured that your artwork will look stunning and be protected.

Over a dozen unique textures

Premium Core and Backing

Features Crescent’s premium RagMat core and backing for maximum conservation and art protection

Add a Little Luxury

Elevate your framing designs with on-trend textures and patinas across hand-finished, artisan surfaces

Unique Finishes That Impress

Incorporate hand-finished & artisan surfaces that make every framing design unique

Next Level of “Custom” Framing

See it in action

Luxury at its Finest

Take incredible artwork and elevate it to unmatched levels with the extraordinary Couture Conservation collection. These products make the perfect accent for any item that needs that added level of protection too.

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