Sustainability Efforts at Crescent Reduce The Impact Art And Framing Products Have On Our Planet


Eco-Friendly Materials And Environmentally Responsible Practices Balance The Impact Art And Framing Products Have On Our Planet


As artists and framers, creating and preserving beauty is in our nature. At Crescent, that promise extends beyond artwork that hangs on the wall. We also care about protecting the beauty of the earth. That’s why we’ve made a long-term commitment to support our natural resources—from the way we manufacture to the eco-friendly materials we use and the art and framing products we develop.

Crescent takes great pride in implementing environmentally responsible programs and being the industry leader in recycling, reforesting and reducing power consumption. Did you know we recycle over a million pounds of paper and board every year from our manufacturing plant in Wheeling, Illinois? These eco-friendly materials are re-pulped and the fibers reclaimed for other applications. All raw components used in constructing our matboards are biodegradable, as well.


As innovators, we’re always looking to create new art and framing products that are better for our planet’s health. One of those is NotFoam, which uses more eco-friendly materials,  replacing foam boards that contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). NotFoam is more rigid than poster board, more durable and less expensive than foam board, and most importantly requires no Prop 65 warning.

Environmentally Responsible

To preserve our forests, Crescent purchases paper and board from a select group of paper mills.  These mills must source pulp from suppliers who follow responsible forest stewardship guidelines. And only environmentally responsible colorants are used when manufacturing our surface papers. These pigments adhere to all EPA requirements and do not disperse any unsafe pollutants into the ecosystem.

Commitment to Environmental Partnerships

As a testament to our environmentally responsible actions, Crescent has received numerous awards for reforesting. In fact, we’ve planted to date over 47,000 trees as part of the Crescent Rewards program.

We’ve also been involved with great partners over the years including One Tree Planted and Keep America Beautiful.