notFOAM Corrugated Board Product Line

notFOAM Corrugated Board

An eco-friendly artboard, mounting and backing board solution

Crescent’s notFOAM offers an environmentally-friendly mounting and backing board solution for all types of framing applications. These boards are white buffered, with an acid-free surface and natural kraft corrugation and backing. Each board is core comprised of E and B corrugated to reduce visibility of flute lines and provide better smoothness and rigidity during mounting.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified


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Recyclable, Renewable, + Compostable

notFOAM can be recycled and reused instead of filling dumpsters and paying large dumping fees. Trees for paper used to make notFOAM are farmed cyclically as a crop while pulp fiber used to make notFOAM breaks down naturally and easily. Foam, however, will last for centuries if not properly disposed of.

Repulpable + Energy Efficient

Paper mills can efficiently use recycled material like notFOAM without a lot of treatment or energy-intensive processes. They simply add water, blend, and make more paper from it. Plastic foam is expensive, energy-intensive, inefficient to re-use and cannot be re-made into new foam due to the breakdown of carbon chains.

notFoam Board