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Paint + Watercolor Board

Economical and Sturdy: A Match Made in Heaven

Experience the convenience of an extra-thick watercolor surface that eliminates the need for stretching and mounting of watercolor paper. Our boards are rigid enough for quick, gestural paint sketches, yet economical enough to use in the classroom for warm-ups and compositional planning, Watercolor boards are available in hot and cold press. Canvas boards have the same texture as real canvas, but on a durable surface.

Made of 100% Rag


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Durable and Toothy

Crescent’s Paint and Watercolor Boards are extra thick to prevent warping, so you know your work is sure to last and feature a toothy surface that holds paint well. Uniform surface sizing and internal sizing provides maximum durability for wet on wet techniques, reworking and erasing.

Ideal for Watercolor + More

These boards are the preferred choice for artists who prefer watercolor, acrylics, and gouache, and are also a good choice for light collage work. We do not recommend they be used for oil paint unless primed with gesso first and board edges should be taped or waxed when heavy washes are used.

Find Inspiration Anywhere

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The Power of Versatility

Inspiration can strike all over, in different ways, and with many different toolsets. Our premium boards give you the freedom and flexibility to express that creativity, no matter how your work comes to you.

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