Perfect Mount Self-Adhesive Board Product Line

Perfect Mount Self-Adhesive Board

The best of Crescent’s mounting boards, paired with self-adhesive functionality

These self-adhesive mounting boards allow for easy positioning and repositioning until a permanent bond is activated by firm pressure. Perfect Mount is available on standard cream, solid black or foam board and features acid-free adhesive and buffered pH neutral surfaces. Ideal for mounting posters, inexpensive prints, photographs and other art and craft projects. Available in multiple sizes, thicknesses, and colors for all your mounting needs.

Easy-to-use adhesive backing

The Perfect Backing Toolkit

How to use

Mount Artwork in Three Easy Steps

First, lift the release paper to expose the adhesive layer. Next, position the item on the edge. Reposition the item until its properly placed. Finally, set the release paper on the item and gently smooth out air bubbles. Voila! 

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