RagMat Conservation Product Line

RagMat Conservation

Over 110 years of craftsmanship and experience rolled into the highest quality artist substrates and museum quality products on earth

Each RagMat Conservation Matboard is specifically designed for the display and protection of artwork. Our history of creating the highest quality products assures you that this is the ideal solution for matting and presenting valuable art originals or items of historical importance.

150+ selections on a brilliant white cotton core

Fine Cotton Makes Bright, Natural Tones

Cotton has a natural, lasting brightness that does not require the high level of bleaching agents typically used to whiten chemically processed wood pulp boards.

Simple Sometimes is Best

A simple product and a simple process: cotton, water, a calcium carbonate buffer (the only additive approved by the Library of Congress), and hydrogen peroxide to even out the natural color

Strength Through Nature

Using cotton as a base means less processing in creating the product, resulting in a stronger product and less damage to the environment.

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