Regular Decorative Product Line

Regular Decorative

A robust product line that is the perfect foundational piece for framers worldwide

Crescent’s Decorative matboard line offers the latest in colors, textures, and patterns reflecting today’s trends in art and home décor. These matboards, with their light cream cores, provide an unrivaled range of colors and textures for traditional non-conservation framing and are the perfect product to always have on hand due to its versatility. Look to these boards to help create dramatic and excited matted artwork your customers are sure to love!

Over 100 different color options

Decorative Components

These boards come with a natural cream core backing and decorative facing paper. The surface, core, and backing paper is buffered with calcium carbonate to alkaline reserve of 3-5%

Multiple Great Use Cases

This versatile board is recommended for decorative framing, general presentations and open-ended reproductions, as well as poster and decorative art matting. 


Regular Matboard